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Gayle King and Charlie Rose interview author of “American Icon”

Bryce Hoffman, who covered Ford for The Detroit News, is making the media rounds about his new book: “American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company.” This morning, CBS’ Charlie Rose and Gayle King interviewed Hoffman about the book and the man, who he likens to an older version of Ron Howard in Happy Days.

When Mulally spoke at The Washington Auto Show a few years ago, I remember, too, being struck by his wholesome, Norman Rockwell-esque looks and can-do spirit. In other words, if anyone looks the part of an American icon, it’s Mulally. Indeed, he has the vision and muscle to match.

Check out the interview here:

And yet…

GM won’t make its sales goals for the Volt. The company’s CEO is banking on consumer satisfaction — the Volt ranks #1 on that score, says Consumer Reports (see below) — and offering to buy back the vehicle from any unhappy customers.

David Shepardson of The Detroit News has the story.