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Record Fuel Efficiency for New Cars

Great news reported in USA Today’s DriveOn: New cars in this country boast unprecedented fuel efficiency. Average miles per gallon has inched up 1.1 mpg to 23.8 mpg since this time last year, according to the report, citing a Detroit area market research firm.

The Natural Resources Defense Council also took notice. The article quotes NRDC vehicle analyst Luke Tonachel saying the standards are “exceeding our expectations. These standards are doing exactly what they should.”

Great news for the industry and our country. Let’s keep up the momentum.

Getting more mileage out of aluminum

The next big thing in fuel efficiency? Upping the use of aluminum. Michael Kanellos, Editor in Chief of Greentech Media, has the story on how the lightweight metal can take us farther.

New School for the Auto Industry

Except for the superstar electrics and plug-in hybrids who will earn As, cars are going to be going gradeless. You’ll just have to do a little homework in determining which wheels take you the farthest without filling up.  The WSJ has the story:

Sticker shock: New fuel efficiency labels for cars

The EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are working to make fuel efficiency stats crystal clear on new car stickers.

Check out the proposed designs on