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Lesson from Portugal

“Nearly 45 percent of the electricity in Portugal’s grid will come from renewable sources this year, up from 17 percent just five years ago,” so says The New York Times.

It also says “Portugal expects in 2011 to become the first country to inaugurate a national network of charging stations for electric cars.”  I thought Israel would lay claim to that win à la Better Place. 

A bigger question: How will America stack up in the race toward a clean energy economy?

The Times cites Cambridge-based IHS Emerging Energy Research, which says that by 2025, Ireland, Denmark and Britain will power 40 percent or more of its electricity from renewable sources. 

“The United States, which last year generated less than 5 percent of its power from newer forms of renewable energy, will lag behind at 16 percent (or just over 20 percent, including hydroelectric power), according to IHS.”

House Subcommittee Hearing on Energy Future

The House Subcommitee on Energy and Environment held the following hearing Tuesday: “Drilling Down on America’s Energy Future: Safety, Security and Clean Energy.”

Top brass from BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell delivered testimony.

Go directly to the subcommittee’s site to download statements or testimony:

You can also visit to watch the video. Here’s the link to the first half (about two hours) of the hearing:

Tom Friedman nailed it

In case you missed his latest column on the clean-energy wake-up call that is the BP oil spill, here it is:

Turning trash into treasure

Ever since I was a kid, I wondered about all that trash stacking up — those trips to the dump with Dad really made an impact on me. Anyway, check out the program to create energy from methane gas emitted from rotting trash.