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Tesla should recognize auto dealers’ important role

Caveat emptor … let the buyer beware, is a friendly reminder of when things appear to be too good to be true, they usually are.  Case in point: Tesla’s business model is based on selling their luxury electric automobile by direct sales to consumers through company-owned stores.

Today in The Washington Post, Gerard Murphy, president of the Washington Area New Auto Dealers Association, writes a rebuttal to Tesla’s ‘innovative approach’ to selling cars.  Murphy writes the following:

 Regarding the June 14 editorial “Tesla’s bump in the road”:

Those who retail motor vehicles are licensed by states in order to protect car buyers. This fact appears lost on Post editors who equate Tesla’s quest to avoid auto-sales laws nationwide with automaker “innovation.” Tesla believes it should be allowed to sell cars without licensed dealers. This can’t be.

Here’s why. Few consumer goods are costlier than cars, which are typically financed and always insured. Cars require routine maintenance for safety, which in turn requires extensive repair facilities, equipment and parts inventory. Indeed, crashing one’s personal computer is a far cry from crashing one’s car, which can be a matter of life and death.

Automaker Tesla can be as innovative as it is capable of being, but this has nothing to do with protecting car buyers, let alone service customers. For these things, a dealer network, licensed by the state, is required. If Tesla won’t have a dealer network, it doesn’t belong in the automobile business.

Happy reading!

Roundups of the roundups

Since so many people are recapping the Geneva Auto Show, we thought we’d consolidate some of the most interesting news to come out of the show, which opened to the public on Thursday. The Washington Auto Show senior leadership attended Press Preview Days earlier in the week.

So, according to AOL Autos, the following cars were the sexiest. Note: they are nearly all wearing red. The cars, that is.

Ever the list maker, Forbes also had it say on the “hottest cars” at Geneva. Here, we have some color diversity represented, even a two-tone Bugatti in blue and black.

Looks like they left out one, though.

Barbara took this shot of the Tesla, which definitely made our agency’s unofficial hot list.

The New York Times ran a thoughtful piece, taking the temperature of the electric car evolution:

Definitely check out Autoblog for “obsessively” covering the show. Only Autoblog could seem to make that adjective a positive pronouncement. I’m a fan.


The view from Tesla

The Model S Alpha, that is.

Check it out:

Tesla and Toyota: A New EV Team in Town

Toyota is banking on Tesla.

The world’s largest automaker is investing $50 million in Tesla once the startup goes public. Tesla bought the Fremont, Calif.-based New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) plant, which Toyota shuttered in April, where the companies will work together to build Tesla’s Model S and other EVs.

The announcement was at Tesla’s  Palo Alto headquarters Thursday by Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Elon Musk of Tesla: one of the Time 100

Elon Musk makes the Time 100.  Gives me pride to be a Penn alum.