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100,000th Plug-In Electric Car In U.S. Sold Today (More Or Less)

Sometime yesterday, the 100,000th modern plug-in electric car was delivered to a buyer somewhere in the U.S.  For more information, click the link below:

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More from Detroit

We’re trying to post ’em as fast as BP snaps ’em.

The Audi Electric A3

2013 Doge Dart Introduction

James Lentz, President & Chief Operating Officer, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

L to R: Scott McKee, Director, Public Relations, Kia Motor America; Robert Fogarty, Washington Auto Show Chairman; George Doetsch, Chairman, Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA); John Anderson, Director, Government Affairs, Kia Motor Corporation

Toyota's Fuel Cell Concept will be appearing at the Washington Auto Show

Coda Automotive Event Marketing Director Erin Goodhart with the all-electric sedan that's headed to the D.C. show.

Kohl’s outfits 33 locations with EV stations

Kohl’s is putting some energy, so to speak, behind its motto: “expect great things.”

The department store has announced it will be piloting EV charging stations in 33 of its locations — a show of “commitment to advancing environmental solutions in a meaningful and tangible way for our customers,” said John Worthington, Kohl’s chief administrative officer, in the company’s press release. “Not only are these stations an added shopper convenience, they also encourage environmental responsibility among our shoppers. We will continue to explore additional locations to pilot charging stations at our stores nationwide.”

Kohls is partnering on the pilot with ECOtality and Coulomb Technologies, each of whom have received DOE funding for EV infrastructure projects. Here’s the full press release for more details:

And yet…

GM won’t make its sales goals for the Volt. The company’s CEO is banking on consumer satisfaction — the Volt ranks #1 on that score, says Consumer Reports (see below) — and offering to buy back the vehicle from any unhappy customers.

David Shepardson of The Detroit News has the story.

A Plug for the Plug-in

No regrets aint just for Edith Piaf.

People who bought the Chevy Volt said they’d do it all over again. Ninety-three percent of them, anyway. That’s enough to make the Chevy Volt the #1 car in consumer satisfaction, says Consumer Reports.

Read all about it here.