Who we are

Founded in 1987 by Barbara Pomerance, Pomerance & Associates has long been in the business of public safety, transportation and charitable causes.

As the veteran public relations and promotions director for the Washington, D.C. Area New Automobile Dealers Association, Barbara has long promoted The Washington Auto Show, the largest public show in Washington. A core member of the show’s executive team, she has helped to brand the event as the “public policy show” on the automotive show circuit, leapfrog the show to “tier-one” status and anchor its emphasis on sustainability. The show is steeped in the emerging green car movement and boasts the largest single showcase of green cars and technologies than any other major domestic auto show. This year, The Washington Auto Show is advanced by two public policy preview days, including a “Green Car Summit” on Capitol Hill that joins industry innovators with policy makers. And its 65,000 square foot display of advanced technologies was developed in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Energy and Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency. Given the show’s rising status, SAE International and the Electric Drive Transportation Association each chose to co-locate conferences with the show in 2010. Pomerance has also orchestrated dozens of promotions for the show from celebrity appearances to live reality contests resulting in car giveaways. Each year, the show attracts a media bonanza, with more than 500 million media impressions recorded in 2009, for example. These results are a testament to Pomerance & Associates’ creative talent, strategic consulting and disciplined execution.

Pomerance & Associates has managed many clients in many industries from sports marketing, where we’ve created partnerships with NASCAR drivers, to the book business. Among the firm’s success stories is TEAM Georgia, a safe and sober driving coalition we’ve managed for more than 20 years. In fact, TEAM Georgia is the only remaining chapter of the nationwide TEAM program that began in 1987 with 17 chapters.

To build TEAM Georgia’s mission awareness, Pomerance & Associates has worked with local government, business and sports leaders and law enforcement. We engineer public education campaigns such as Safe Prom, Safe Graduation and Safe Holiday that draw on support from a wide range of industries. We also staff the Designated Driver Booth program at cultural venues throughout Atlanta through the support of hundreds of volunteers.