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It’s Back to School Time …

… we wish you and yours a safe and happy school year!

The Pomerance Minions

The Pomerance & Berl Minions

A Day in the Life of Pomerance & Associates

Bonnie M. Morét, Director of Programs working on an art initiative for a client.

Bonnie M. Morét, Director of Programs, working on an art initiative for a client.

Summer may be upon us, but Pomerance & Associates is busy creating programs, heightening awareness and developing media strategies for our clients.

P&A Applauds LaHood on “Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving

We all know better.

A recent telephone survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 90 percent of respondents considered a driver reading or sending texts and emails to be very unsafe. At the same time, respondents admitted to few circumstances when they themselves would not text or use their phone while driving.  Perhaps that explains why in 2010, at least 3,092 people were killed due to distracted driving. That’s one in every 10 fatalities on America’s roads.

Those statistics were noted last week in Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s press release announcing the launch of his “Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving.” Among its efforts, the new plan encourages the 11 states without distracted driving laws to get them on the books, asks the auto industry to develop safety standards to ensure devices don’t cause distraction behind the wheel, and provides educational material to young drivers, who are most likely to engage in distracted driving.

More information on this effort and others can be found on

The issue of distracted driving has become one of the great public health and safety concerns of our time. We are proud that Secretary LaHood has thrown down the gauntlet.  Let’s all rise to the challenge.

No quittin’ time for Chrysler

No laurels resting — or actually any resting — for Chrysler. This summer, the automaker will skip the traditional two-week summer slumber to meet the demands of hungry consumers.

“Chrysler’s sales growth has outpaced the industry and the company needs to boost production to keep up,” according to USA Today. “Chrysler’s U.S. sales through April this year are up 33.4% vs. a 10.3% increase for the industry.”

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Coda to build “affordable EV”; pulls DOE loan app.

Coda Automotive has announced plans to build an entry-level EV with China’s Great Wall Motors, a company that will display its first EV at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exposition, which opens Friday.

That news comes as Coda also announced the withdrawal of its DOE loan application to build  vehicles in this country. In its new deal, the manufacturing would start in China and wrap up in California, home to Coda’s headquarters.

“The company is the latest in a series of start-ups and other automakers to abandon efforts to tap the $25 billion government loan fund; Coda had proposed to build vehicles in Ohio as part of its application,” writes David Shepardson, with the Washington Bureau of the Detroit News. “The Energy Department has taken a harder line in reviewing applications — and hasn’t approved a new auto loan in more than a year.”
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