Roundups of the roundups

Since so many people are recapping the Geneva Auto Show, we thought we’d consolidate some of the most interesting news to come out of the show, which opened to the public on Thursday. The Washington Auto Show senior leadership attended Press Preview Days earlier in the week.

So, according to AOL Autos, the following cars were the sexiest. Note: they are nearly all wearing red. The cars, that is.

Ever the list maker, Forbes also had it say on the “hottest cars” at Geneva. Here, we have some color diversity represented, even a two-tone Bugatti in blue and black.

Looks like they left out one, though.

Barbara took this shot of the Tesla, which definitely made our agency’s unofficial hot list.

The New York Times ran a thoughtful piece, taking the temperature of the electric car evolution:

Definitely check out Autoblog for “obsessively” covering the show. Only Autoblog could seem to make that adjective a positive pronouncement. I’m a fan.