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Congrats to a member of the Pomerance team

Congratulations to Bonnie Morét.  Her photography has been recognized by The Georgia Council of the Arts as “An outstanding representation of contemporary Georgia Art.”

Gov. Nathan Deal, Bonnie Morét, First Lady Sandra Deal

Gov. Nathan Deal, Bonnie Morét, First Lady Sandra Deal

Record Fuel Efficiency for New Cars

Great news reported in USA Today’s DriveOn: New cars in this country boast unprecedented fuel efficiency. Average miles per gallon has inched up 1.1 mpg to 23.8 mpg since this time last year, according to the report, citing a Detroit area market research firm.

The Natural Resources Defense Council also took notice. The article quotes NRDC vehicle analyst Luke Tonachel saying the standards are “exceeding our expectations. These standards are doing exactly what they should.”

Great news for the industry and our country. Let’s keep up the momentum.

A nod to Detroit (and the Dodge Dart)

When President Obama visited The Washington Auto Show this year, he kicked the tires of some of America’s very best vehicles. Among them was the legendary Dart, redesigned by Chrysler to deliver on the brand’s beloved history.

In honor of visiting Detroit today with Washington Auto Show leadership, I thought I’d share a recent New York Times story reviewing and detailing the relaunch of the storied brand.



Alas, Natural Gas?

Last week, the DOE announced $30 million in grants for groups advancing technology for vehicles that run on natural gas. Here’s the scoop on the story from earth2tech:

And here’s the press release on the initiative from the DOE:

P&A Applauds LaHood on “Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving

We all know better.

A recent telephone survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 90 percent of respondents considered a driver reading or sending texts and emails to be very unsafe. At the same time, respondents admitted to few circumstances when they themselves would not text or use their phone while driving.  Perhaps that explains why in 2010, at least 3,092 people were killed due to distracted driving. That’s one in every 10 fatalities on America’s roads.

Those statistics were noted last week in Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s press release announcing the launch of his “Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving.” Among its efforts, the new plan encourages the 11 states without distracted driving laws to get them on the books, asks the auto industry to develop safety standards to ensure devices don’t cause distraction behind the wheel, and provides educational material to young drivers, who are most likely to engage in distracted driving.

More information on this effort and others can be found on

The issue of distracted driving has become one of the great public health and safety concerns of our time. We are proud that Secretary LaHood has thrown down the gauntlet.  Let’s all rise to the challenge.