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Recommended Reading: This Week’s Politico

Politico this week boasts a special section entitled “What’s next for energy?”

The issue comes after the ethanol industry suffered serious setbacks at the hands of the Senate on Friday.

Check out the special section for the latest on ARPA-E, budget cuts, editorials from Members of Congress and a Q & A with the one and only T. Boone. He’s got some great lines, the kind that kinda roll of the Texan tongue. Referring to “somebody who keeps getting out in front,” he says, “the higher the monkey climbs a tree, the more people can see his ass.”

Asked if he was president long enough to make just one executive decision, his move would be: “No more OPEC oil — and mean it.”

I can see T. Boone’s presidential slogan now: “Don’t mess with the U.S.”