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TEAM Georgia Safe Boating Campaign Under Way

TEAM Georgia and Georgia DNR: Designate a Skipper!

Make a splash this summer by playing it safe on the water! Team Georgia, a safe and sober transportation coalition, wants you to Designate a Skipper!

In partnership with Georgia Department of Natural Resources, TEAM Georgia urges Georgians to take the rules of the road afloat – ensure your skipper is sober, watch your speed and know Georgia’s boating laws.

Plus, when you pledge to become a designated skipper at, you’ll be automatically registered for a grand-prize drawing at summer’s end.

As more than 300,000 Georgia boat owners gear up for summer recreation, TEAM Georgia and DNR warn that alcohol and boating can be a lethal combination.

 The marine environment — waves, engine noise, water, sun and wind — accelerates impairment and fatigue, while alcohol hinders coordination and reaction time, DNR states.

Last year, DNR Conservation Rangers made 177 arrests for boating under the influence – an arrest that may lead to loss of boating privileges.

For details about boating laws and safety, visit the DNR’s site at:

Prizes for the TEAM Georgia Safe Boating Campaign are sponsored by Anheuser-Busch wholesalers: Atlanta Beverage, Dender Distributing, Eagle Rock Distributing and Leon Farmer Company.

For more information, please contact Bonnie Moret at or Melissa Cummings at