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A Poster Child for TEAM Georgia

Not that we needed another one.

At just 24, Jordan Griner, who dreamed of working to “make some real changes” as an elected official, was killed by a drunken driver over the weekend.

In a dark twist of irony, Griner happened to be the designated driver, shuttling the group of four friends who were toasting the finale of their six-month-long government fellowships.

Griner, an intern for Gov. Sonny Perdue, had safely transported his friends and was just about home when Christa Scott, 26, ran a red light and crashed into him. Scott’s blood-alcohol level nearly tripled the legal limit.

Scott’s in jail, and Griner died at Grady. The  funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Augusta.

We mourn the loss of Mr. Griner and the devastation that has befallen everyone involved in this tragedy, and we pray that people will soon realize the lethal mix of drinking and driving.

For more information about how you can play a role in stopping impaired driving, please visit We are always looking for volunteers to help spread the message of safe and sober driving.

My good friend, Larry Hartstein, did a great job as a co-author in today’s AJC story: