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News from Geneva

Washington Auto Show leadership attended the press preview day today at the Geneva Auto Show, where they met with several automakers and got a first look at some of the debuts dazzling auto enthusiasts worldwide. Like, for example, the brand new Porsche Boxster. Check it out:

In fact, for those of you who speak German, here’s a brief clip of Porsche President and CEO Matthias Müller at the press conference.

Maybe you can tell me what he’s saying.

Here’s a pic, too, to show Porsche some extra love since the automaker has its North American operations in the A-T-L.

Always a popular kid on the block, Hyundai rolled out the i30 and i40.

And VW doing its cute, fun VW thing. Disclaimer: I drive one. Not this one. I might like to.

Say hello to the Eco UP!, a three-cylinder hybrid that runs on natural gas and the first of VW’s Up! models in production.

Stay tuned. We’re supposed to be getting more pics of who’s who and what’s what from Geneva…