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Alas, Natural Gas?

Last week, the DOE announced $30 million in grants for groups advancing technology for vehicles that run on natural gas. Here’s the scoop on the story from earth2tech:

And here’s the press release on the initiative from the DOE:

Good News for the U.S. Energy Revolution

If the The Wall Street Journal has it right, the DOE’s loan-guarantee program is moving toward the less-conventional innovations. That is cool on its own, but it also means that the more conventional ones are already getting some solid backing. And that means we are moving the proverbial needle in corporate speak.

Here’s my New Year’s wish. Let’s keep pushing forward on this one, America. Clean energy is what will help keep this country secure and prosperous.

Check out the article here. And if you’re one of those biofuel companies hankering for DOE money, it’s not too late to get in front of key policy makers next month at the Washington Auto Show!

DOE and EPA release 2011 guide to fuel-efficient vehicles

The 2011 Fuel Economy Guide, an analysis of fuel efficiency among 2011 model vehicles, is availalbe on the EPA web site: The site provides soup-to-nuts tips on energy-efficient driving.

Here is the DOE’s release on the 2011 Fuel Economy Guide.