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WSJ’s top 10 in Clean-Tech


Here’s a quick look at the top 10, and check out the link below to read the story in the Journal.

1. Recycle Rewards Inc. – New York

2. Suniva Inc. – Norcross, Ga.

3. eSolar Inc. – Burbank, Calif.

4. MiaSole -Santa Clara, Calif.

5. Opower Inc. – Arlington, Va.

6. GreatPoint Energy Inc. – Cambridge, Mass.

7. SeaMicro Inc. – Santa Clara, Calif.

8. Boston-Power Inc. – Westborough, Mass.

9. Luxim Corp. – Sunnyvale, Calif.

10. Sapphire Energy Inc. – San Diego, Calif.

Good News for the U.S. Energy Revolution

If the The Wall Street Journal has it right, the DOE’s loan-guarantee program is moving toward the less-conventional innovations. That is cool on its own, but it also means that the more conventional ones are already getting some solid backing. And that means we are moving the proverbial needle in corporate speak.

Here’s my New Year’s wish. Let’s keep pushing forward on this one, America. Clean energy is what will help keep this country secure and prosperous.

Check out the article here. And if you’re one of those biofuel companies hankering for DOE money, it’s not too late to get in front of key policy makers next month at the Washington Auto Show!

The Gospel of Clean Energy

Christian leader Brian McLaren calls on the country and its political leadership to summon the faith to quit our dependence on oil.

I agree with McLaren. But I sure hope he’s preaching to his own choir as well. This is a country steeped in faith and where faith leaders wield tremendous power for influence and mobilization. In fact, I’d argue that President Obama’s oratory appeal hails directly from the cadence of the pulpit.

Let’s remember that the struggle for civil rights started in the faith communities. And the current call for environmental stewardship is finding champions in these same quarters. But we must galvanize these armies.

Let McLaren and religious leadership across all faith communities help to inspire political action to do the right thing for our health, environment and security through the power of religious constituenties.

That’s what I’d call spreading the gospel.